4 Year old mentally challenged girl defiled inside school premises

Comrade Ebenezer Omajalile led Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network, ACVPN has called on the Police at Zone D Command, Mushin, Lagos, to fish out those behind the defilement of a 4-year old mentally challenged girl inside the school premises.

our source hinted that the incident happened at Spring School located at Mukandasi Street, Okota area of Lagos, where the victim was registered as a pupil by her parents.

As at the time of publishing this report, five members of the School staff including the security guards have been summoned and undergoing interrogations over the alleged assault on the helpless 4-year old victim. 

It was said that the school laid off one of its staff as a result of this issue after complain from the victim’s parent.

According to the girl’s mother, she brought the little girl to the school in the morning on the day the incident happened, handed over her to the school management and left for work.

She said that she went back to the school to take her home her daughter complained that her private part and anus were paining her. The mother then checked and discovered that it has been tempered. Obviously, the predator may have used fingers to molest the victim.

She was subsequently taken to the Mirabel Centre in Ikeja, Lagos, where it was confirmed that her private parts was tampered with and the School Management was said to have refused to bring forward the person behind the act.

The matter was initially reported to the Okota Police Division but was transferred to the Gender Section of Zone D Command, Mushin, in line with the State Command’s directive to transfer such cases to the Command or SCIID, Panti, Lagos.

When our reporter visited the school, the Management refused to speak and did not give reasons for refusing to tell the Police what really happened and why they sacked their staff.

When the Gender Section handling the matter was contacted, they declined to speak. However, sources at the Command said that the matter may likely be transferred to SCIID at Panti for further investigation.

ACVPN Coordinator, Comrade Ebenezer Omajalile, said that the little girl needs justice and the Police owe her duty to ensure that the predator was arrested and charged before the Court for justice.

Student seen going to school with a stove to be used as a chair in class (photo)

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