52- year old landlady, drugged and raped by her 19- year old tenant (photo)

Rafiu Adelena, a 19 – year old boy have been arrested by officers of the Ogun State Police Command.

He was arrested for drugging and raping his 52- year old landlady, known as Alhaja.

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Rafiu,who lives with his parents in a rented apartment at Ilesan remo, in Ogun state, was caught in the act and arrested. He confessed to the crime and revealed how he laced Alhaja’s food, with sleeping tablets kept in his house by his mother. He went further to reveal how he undressed her after she fell asleep and raped her.

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Rafiu was caught in the act by the landlady’s daughter, Lafiyah Ajeigbo, who came home from school.

Rafiu’s mother revealed to the police during interrogation, that she takes the sleeping pill each time she finds it hard to sleep.

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