8-month-old baby beheaded by her mother and accomplice (photos)

An evil mum who beheaded her 8-month-old baby has been jailed for twenty-five years, which is the maximum term for a woman in the Republic of Belarus, while her accomplice(a male) will be executed with a bullet to the head after his appeal was thrown out by the Supreme Court.

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It was gathered that the 26-year-old mother of the child identified as Natalya Kolb, and her friend Viktar Syarhel, 48, were drinking together at her flat in Luninets when they killed the baby, Hanna in 2018

According to reports by Metro UK, the woman’s husband Leonid, 28, came home with their other children aged 4 and 6 and saw his daughter’s severed head in a pool of blood. The child reportedly had forty-six separate injuries on her body after being brutally beaten and killed with a kitchen knife.

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A neighbor said: ‘He saw a scene out of the horror movies. The ambulance doctor fainted when she came in.’

It was further learnt that in 2019, Brest Regional Court ruled the murder was carried out with “particular cruelty.”

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Last week, the killers including the child’s mum had their appeals thrown out by the supreme court in Belarus.

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