Algeria announces its first case of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has finally get to Africa as the Algerian Health Ministry has announces a confirmed case of the deadly disease in the North African country.

Shamsuddin Shitor, the Algeria’s Minister of Health, disclosed that they were able to detect the flu-like virus because of the vigilance system adopted at all land, air and maritime entry points to the country.

According to him, an Italian man who arrived the country on 17th February 2020, has been placed in isolation and urged Algerians to be careful of the information they share online.

Shitor said; 

“One case was confirmed positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), out of two suspected cases (both) of Italian nationality. “

This comes days after a Chinese man who was placed in isolation at an Egyptian hospital over fears of coronavirus, tested negative after medical tests were carried out on him. 

Northern part of Italy which is also home to many Algerians, has recorded spiked cases of the deadly disease and 11 deaths so far.  The virus which broke out in Chinese City of Wuhan has now infected over 80,000 people globally, killing at least 2,700.

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