“Choose your path wisely” Uche Elendu advises as she compares “slay queens” to “hustling queens”

Popular Nollyhood actress Uche Elendu has taken to her Instagram page to advised ladies to stop living their lives for social media validation and she did a comparison of “slay queens” and “hustling queens” to make her point.

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The mum-of-two shared an animated photo depicting a “slay queen” whose aim is to get validation from her social media followers, and a “hustling queen” who is working to survive. From the animation, the slay queen’s efforts earned her 670,000 followers on social media while the hustling queen has 670,000 in her bank account.

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Uche wrote in the caption: 

“Beautiful women, Choose your path wisely, Social media validation leads you no where, cos all dem singing your praise in your comment section will train their daughters to be everything BUT your kinda woman, theres no real love out here, the number of followers u gat is equals to the number of monitoring spirits watching and waiting to see you fail. Hey sis! Yea you I’m talking to you… social media is an illusion, dont get carried away by the love you’re getting on here, is your bank account showing you same love? Are your family and friends benefiting from the love??? Will your children in years to come be proud of what you put out there? I ain’t no saint guys but I’ll never need social media validation to tell me Hey Uche you’re a huge Success… I am grateful Lord!! Thank you.
You all are doing well… I love you”

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