Church of Satan sets the record straight after the Christians who tortured a pregnant woman and 6 kids to death were referred to as “satanic”

The Church of Satan has taken to their official twitter handle to object after a Christian group who brutally murdered their members during an exorcism were referred to as “satanic”.

Recall NescoMedia reported the news of the Christian group who severely tortured a pregnant woman and 6 children to death during an exorcism, and the perpetrators were referred to as “satanic” group.

The Church of Satan however took exception to that and they set the record straight. On their tweet, they stated that Satan or Satanism had nothing to do with what happened and that it was, in fact, Christians who carried out the crime.

When a Twitter user questioned their tweet, they gave a savage respond, implying that the Twitter user doesn’t read.

See the tweets below.

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