Condoms out of stock in stores, as people now use it on their fingers to prevent Corona virus (photo)

The Corona virus disease has sent fear and shivers down the spine of many people all over the world. And they are doing everything they can and looking for ways to prevent themselves from contracting the deadly disease.

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From wearing protective gears like face mask, glove, and using alcohol based sanitizers to washing their hands regularly in a day.

But the method of prevention seems to be getting weird, with the way condom is being used as a protective gear in Australia and Singapore.

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The use of condom as a protective gear, has caused panic buying of condoms, which have made most stores in Singapore run out of stock.

Diffrent photos are in circulation on social media, showing empty durex condom shelves in stores in Australia and Singapore.

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Diffrent Twitter users are equally sharing photos of people wearing condom on their fingers.

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