Corona Virus was targetted to destroy Africa but it has back fired — Veteran singer, Daniel Wilson

Veteran Nigerian Singer, Daniel Wilson has said that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is not being entirely truthful about the deadly coronavirus.

Daniel Wilson

Based on what he posted on his Facebook page, the “Mr Ragamuffin” crooner claimed that the virus is man-made by scientists due to its extremely deadly nature and high mortality rate.

Wilson wrote:

“THIS IS NO ORDINARY CORONA VIRUS, BELIEVE ME. There is something you all should know about this disease that is killing people all over the world, it is not the coronavirus it is supposed to be, it certainly can’t be the coronavirus they say it is, that ordinarily causes illnesses like the common cold, catarrh, shortness of breath and at worst pneumonia.”

“How can a virus that they say is preventable by simple hygiene, be as dangerous as they now announce, killing everywhere and everyone? On one hand, the world health organizations tells you to just wash your hands and you will be fine then in the same breath they almost promise you that we will all certainly die? Something is amiss here, someone is lying to all of us.

“I can feel it in my bones and I am scared for my children and the rest of the younger generation. Everything they tell us about the disease is proving to be a big lie.

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