God forbids a woman from checking her husband’s phone – Nigerian soldier writes

A Nigerian soldier identified as Bilyaminu Ladan Mada has taken to his Facebook account to share his thoughts about privacy in a Muslim marriage. 

According to the soldier, God permitted men to marry up to four wives if they wish to. 

Bilyaminu went ahead to state that God forbids a woman from checking her husband’s phone, while the man can check her wife’s phone. He said this is so because the man is at liberty to marry more than one wife. 

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He wrote; 

“Good Afternoon ladies and gents. Sorry, I just want to drop this here. For the Muslims, God the Almighty permit a man to marry up to 4 wives if he so wish and can do justice. So dating a lady outside doesn’t mean/qualify that am cheating on my wife. For the fact that she is the only one at home shows that I can bring three more. 

Cheating  is when u are having extra marital affair pls. Ladies that feel their husbands are cheating on them because they are dating another girl aside having them as wives, my question to u is “is ur husband having 4 of u?”

Also note, it is forbidden for a wife to check her husband’s phone but very much allowed for a husband to search his wife’s phone. The reason is “he is at liberty to marry more than a wife, so is possible he has a girlfriend and if the wife see their chat or messages, she will be hurt. 

So to avoid violence, God forbids her from checking his phone. But for the husband, he can check her phone because she only belong to him and it is believe she does have any secret to hide from him in that phone that will hurt him. So pls lets understand.”

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