Here Are 13 Nigeria’s Fast Fading Top Socialites

A couple of years prior, there are these assortments of Nigerian socialites who were the stars of big name magazines and newspaper tattle segments. The writers took care of their perusers with a window to the sumptuous ways of life and faults of this military of Nigeria’s accepted most special residents.

Absolutely the Nigerian social scene was deficient without them. They were the toast of numerous performers. Indeed, they were the genuine article as individuals paid special mind to them at numerous gatherings in the late 1990s, early and late 2000s.

So well known were they that numerous artists waxed various collections shockingly and adulated them to high sky. Be that as it may, presently, the greater part of these socialites are blurring from the aggregate cognizance and confronting annihilation — actually, some are absolutely in major trouble — incompletely in light of the fact that scarcely anybody focuses on them any longer.

While a portion of these socialites’ wellspring of riches could be followed to some particular genuine organizations, most despite everything have theirs stay a puzzle. In any case, such huge numbers of them have lost their first column seats at shows and slams, while some are all the more an untouchable as most individuals from the high society no longer pleased to connect with them. Indeed, even top artists who waxed melodies in their gestures of recognition just as big name columnists who gave them space in the past have lost enthusiasm for them.

Be that as it may, the explanations behind these aren’t unrealistic — a portion of these top gathering rockers have had issues with the law which unintentionally makes most to dodge out or flamed out — by and large—from the social scene, some just chose to chill out on their social trips by permitting their business to take better piece of their lives, while others have been hit by financial downturn in the nation and subsequently makes them dirt poor.

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We present to you a portion of these socialites in no specific order.

1: Adedeji ‘Ade Bendel’ Alumile

Clearly, aside from sports, another ‘work’ that has ‘government character’ in Nigeria cutting across clans is misrepresentation. Not a couple of people were bolted up at the Awolowo Street, Ikoyi, Lagos office of the Monetary and Money related Violations Commission, EFCC, during the savage drive against defilement under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration. The most infamous of this club is an ‘honorable man’ called Adedeji Alumile, affectionately called Ade Bendel. For almost 10 years, this magnetic and sentenced 419 Boss had the Nigerian social scene on the lockdown. He was the spirit of numerous gatherings in Lagos, London and numerous European urban areas. At once, he had a whole Collection — actually, twice however—committed to him by a Fuji music ruler.

Ade Bendel dressed well and associates with the elites, skipping and romping with the crème de la crème, going to the most tasteful gatherings and sorting out same to have others. He was a definitive gathering ruler who carried on with an exciting life, showing riches he deceitfully obtained from some self important Nigerians, and outsiders the same. Be that as it may, his comeuppance came and inevitably grabbed and indicted in 2003 when Obasanjo clipped down on fraudsters after the US government griped about losing over $10bn to these fraudsters with Nigeria as a travel nation. After serving his jail term, Ade Bendel, professing to be a Minister, has since gone underground.

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2. Innocent Nzeribe

This Igbo businessperson is a standard face at Lagos party circuit. Hitched to Kikelomo, an Owo, Ondo State magnificence, Nzeribe had an exceptional number rendered in his respect by K1 in his 2013 collection titled ‘Serious Deal’.

Be that as it may, he has been absent from the social radar for some time now, fuelling implications that he more likely than not fell on an awful time. He clearly returned to his home province of Imo to attempt his karma in governmental issues however not succeeding.

3. Rafiu ‘Elele’ Ajibola

In one of his hit tracks devoted to this disputable agent, Rafiu Elele, King Wasiu Ayinde sang that the one-time Chicago huge kid isn’t somebody anyone can slight or crossed his way. “Elele kii nse eni arifin, Rafiu kii nse eni arifin, Sebi oto lowo, oto sa niyi, Elele kii nse eni arifin.”

Be that as it may, the socialite appeared to have made a special effort to cross the red line and had the Interpol pursued him to Lagos from where he was captured and removed to the US to respond to some question on sedate related case however discharged after some time in American office.

In his days as a socialite, Elele never saved any expense to enlist his quality as a funloving fellow and those, who profited by his largesse used to thank their stars for moving near ‘such an exceptionally preferred man.’

4. Goddy Anabor

Give it to this once questionable representative, Boss Goddy Anabor, he was one of the most well known socialites in Lagos during the 1990s and mid 2000s. Back then, no gathering was finished until Anabor, ‘the Atayese of Osogbo’ joined in. As a major high-roller, he had Sir Shina Diminishes and other top performers lined to praise him enthusiastically to high sky.

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At that point, a genuine extremely rich person — by all measures—Anabor had a fantasy around him that once he stepped on the phase to shower performers, each other individual run off the phase for him to do what he realized how to do best. However, today, his story was that of beauty to grass as the Fugar, Edo State-conceived socialite who used to possess outlandish homes and had more than 50 vintage autos, for example, Moves Royce and Bentley, just as facilitating gatherings at 5-Star inns such Sheraton is presently down and out.

5. Dare Babayemi

Inside the Lagos group of friends recently 1990s and 2000s, Festus Dare Babayemi was a significant power. The shrewdly agent prevalently referred to as Dare Babs began as a houseboy, and later engine technician before he peculiarly obtained a sizable sum of wealth and turned into the capo du tuti of the G-men.

At that point breathtakingly rich Dare Babs was a remarkable figure at the gathering scene and a success among numerous performers who attempted to have him notice on their collections. In any case, for certain years now, the Ogun State-brought into the world questionable dealsman has been absent from the social radar.

6 . Alphonsus Obi Igbeke

For a long time, Alphonsus Obi Igbeke, affectionately called Ubanese, was an eminent socialite that directed regard of many. He was lauded by numerous Igbo artists however later vanished from the group of friends.

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Nonetheless, Igbeke came back to the spotlight in 2003 when he incredibly blamed for utilizing his political associations with organize a political race council board to decide in support of him that his name had been unlawfully expelled during the PDP primaries and he was proclaimed chosen rather than Representative Satisfaction Emordi. Be that as it may, after he neglected to win another term to the national get together, he has been missing both on the political and social scene.

7. Bola Atobatele

For Prince Bola Atobatele, the Director, Judamic Global Ltd, he used to be a top socialite who appreciated gigantic commendation from numerous performers including Adewale Ayuba, Sir Shina Diminishes, Rib Thompson and Ruler Wasiu Ayinde Marshal who liberally applauded Atobatele on the other side of his beast hit, ‘Union’. Until late years, Atobatele close by his delightful spouse, Toyin Atobatele, are appearances to deal with on the Lagos social scene. Be that as it may, life ain’t the equivalent again as the Ijebu-Jesa conceived fella has seen significantly throughout the years—his one-time blasting business crashed; lost his valuable, ambitious child, Michael and afterward his exquisite spouse, Toyin left him as of late.

8. Jude Udeh

Inside the South East social circuit, specialist Jude Udeh, prominently known as Mgbowo Na Ana Nri Enugu, is one socialite that is exceptionally regarded. Be that as it may, that was until later. The socialite, who used to live in Victoria Nursery City in Lagos in those days was a hit among the Igbo-brought into the world top artists and has many recorded tunes in his recognition in the majority of their collection. In any case, for reasons most popular to those closer to the fella, he has gone off the radar.

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9. Rahmon ‘Sati Ramoni’ Salawe

In his primes, Lagos-conceived ex-London Enormous Kid, Sati Ramoni was the toast of Fuji performers with a few melodies lauding his showering ability. Not just that, the socialite, affectionately called Omo Salawe, turned into the life and soul of the Lagos social scene as a result of his style of showering unendingly hard monetary forms of different nations. Sati Ramoni was likewise extremely liberal to numerous Yoruba on-screen characters who visited London at that point, as he was said to have spent luxuriously on them, regardless of whether male or female.

The darker looking Island large kid used to be hitched to a Jamaican woman called Monica in this way his exceptional moniker of “Ibu-Owo Oko Monica”. All his vehicle plates had Monica 1-limitlessness. Be that as it may, things have changed for the buddy as he’s never again one of the normal socialites applicable with the social scene. During the last political allotment, he endeavored to sentiment legislative issues and even made a stride further by reporting his aim to go to the National Gathering speaking to Lagos Island however lost at during the political decision. He clearly has left the social space for the youthful ones.

10. HRM Igwe Kelly Nwanzekwe

For His Regal Magnificence Igwe Kelly Nwanzekwe, the Okalakwu Na Igbariam realm, one can comprehend why he more likely than not quit the social scene — Royalhood. Before Igwe Kelly turned into a ruler, he used to be one of the Lagos huge young men shaking the social scene. He used to live around Mangoro along Lagos-Abeokuta Road in those days.

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11. Rilwan Aleshiloye

Another Lagos big boy who has mellowed down on his social trip is Rilwan Aleshinloye. The proprietor of Ajah, Lagos-found Alesh Inn has been long gone. Celebrated for his mingling ability, Aleshinloye was executive of Iru/Victoria Island Nearby Government Advancement Territory. Alesh once in a while go to get-togethers nowadays and appeared to focus more on his business.

12. Boss Emeka Ani

Notice Emeka Ani, scarcely any eyes will dash to your heading. Yet, state Emeka Wawa, at that point many will recall that mainstream Lagos socialite who used to possess the well known Macdavos Inn back in the days.

Emeka Wawa pursued into inconvenience the odd demise of his significant other and mother of his seven youngsters, Patricia Azuka Ani around two decades back. Obviously, he was conceded an alleviation by the Court of Bid however the pressure of the homicide case had stressed his percolating nature.

He later veered into legislative issues however has lost his rating as a top socialite.

13. Ola Kukoyi

Many would not quit getting some information about the whereabouts of this Lagos enormous kid called Ola Kukoyi. This huge kid raged Lagos social scene in the wake of coming back from London where he lived for a long time. On his arrival, he fabricated a multi—story complex in Opebi zone of Lagos. Ola Kukoyi turned into a steady component among artists and enormous angels around Lagos. He had heaps of cash to toss around. Be that as it may, years on, he hit a budgetary tempest and needed to go underground from that point forward.

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