Houseboy Begs Madam For Sex In Absence Of Husband

Mrs. Adaora, a 42-year old housewife appeared to have entered into trouble since her husband, Ekene, brought his 10-year old nephew, Chikeluo, as their house boy.

NESCO MEDIA reports that not long after the boy came to the house, he allegedly started peeping at the couple while they were having sex on their matrimonial bed. He allegedly did not stop at that; he went further to beg her madam for sex in the absence of her husband.

The incident happened at Bella Street, Ejigbo area of Lagos, where they reside.

The woman’s husband, Ekene, has been on her neck, accusing her of intolerance since she insisted that the boy, Chikeluo, must be sent packing. He then asked her to state reasons he should send his sister’s son away from their house.

Before the woman got enraged, it was gathered that she was inside their bedroom having only her wrapper on when the boy, Chikeluo, summoned courage and pleaded with her to allow him to sleep with her since her husband, Ekene, had gone to work.

Shocked by his demand, the woman, Adaora, interrogated him to know how he could make such absurd demand. He then told her that he used to watch them having sex through the key hole of the door of their living room.

Inside the apartment, the couple sleeps in the bedroom while the boy, Chikeluo, sleeps in the living room, from where he peeps at them every night.

Adaora, who is now lamenting that her marriage was in danger as her husband refused to believe her and agree to send the boy away.

We learnt that Adaora got married to her husband, Ekene, some years ago without a child after making every efforts to no avail and they decided to continue look up to God for intervention.

However, they agreed to bring a house help to assist her in the house chores and her husband then went to their village and brought Chikeluo, who is his nephew and he started living with them since last year.

It was gathered that Adaora treats him like her own because Chikeluo was her husband’s nephew; she took him as her own son.

So, Adaora was said to have been terribly shocked when he made such absurd demand, confessed peeping at them and had seen every part of her body including her private parts. She has insisted on having the boy sent packing but her husband, who saw it as a ploy to send the boy away from their home, refused to believe her story.

She was said to have contemplated leaving the house before her friends intervened and spoke to the husband about what she was passing through. It was not yet certain if the husband has accepted to send Chikeluo away as at the weekend when her friends intervened on the matter.

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