“How much your papa get?” – Nigerians drag young girl searching for a rich man to take care of her

A young lady identified as Chidiebube Joy is being dragged by Nigerian Facebook users after saying she is searching for a very rich guy to take good care of her. 

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According to her, she does not have a problem finding a guy to marry, what she needs is a very rich man, one that has ‘money that smells’ to take good care of her. 

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“The problem is not who to marry, umu nwoke juru eju. but the problem now is who has the smelling money, ego na esi usi, to take good care of me.” she wrote on a Facebook group. 

Her post angered Facebook users, with some pointing out that she doesn’t even look good enough to attract a man talk more of a rich one. 

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“The reason there are divorce cases everywhere is because a lot of ladies married for material possessions. Once the material things are no more divorce is the next option. Nonsense, foolish, crazy and smelling talk.” writes Ebere Ogu. 

“What kind of dirty and ignorant little maiden are you? putting your expectations too high for what..,may a dinosaur take out your virginity that is if you are one. Pallative ndi Fulani” Okey Oloye wrote. 

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