‘I Foresee Calamity In The New Year’ – Prophet Ayodele Gives New Prophecies

Prophet Elijah Ayodele, the founder and leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has released prophecies about the coming year 2021.

Ayodele, who has been releasing his prophecies for the years ahead, claimed that God has revealed to him that the North will retain power come 2023,

About President Muhammadu Buhari, Prophet Ayodele said;

“The year 2021 is going to be a very tough year particularly at the beginning, the first three months. The nation’s economy is not going to take proper shape until around September. The ravaging COVID-19 will still continue and necessitate the country to shut down. President Buhari must be careful. I can’t see the president have firm grip on his government because the cabal has fully taken over. Terrorists have taken over his government and they are the same set of people corrupting this government, thereby rendering him confused about governance. That is what the Lord has said to me.”

About 2023 Presidency, he said:

“A northerner will still come back as President. The North will not take it easy for any tribe to take over from Buhari. Igbo Presidency will not work out because they will betray themselves. And this will cause problems in 2023 more than Nigeria had experienced in the past. There will be a lot of efforts to change so many things, but it will not work out. Nigeria should either go back to true federalism or risk break up. So the country needs a lot of prayers.

“Tinubu’s presidential ambition will be rubbished. Those who may come out to contest include Tambuwal, Saraki, Fayemi and Ameachi. Tinubu should not try it. Tinubu’s ambition will be rubbished and he will be grounded. He would have been at a vantage position, but there is something that will not make it to work.

On Boko Haram and herdsmen, he said:

“They have turned the Boko Haram matter to a flourishing business. Military can arrest Boko Haram, but both the military and the government are beginning to be interested in Boko Haram’s negotiation. Government has paid large sums of money as ransom to the jihadists. I’m seeing so many things surroundings Boko Haram, only God can save us. Shekau’ days are numbered which is the reason all these kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah association members are categorized as a terrorist group because they are giving the people problems, they harm and inflict injuries on the innocents.”

On banditry, Ayodele has this to say: “I foresee that bandits will still kidnap some children and kill some youths. Let’s pray against bird flu that will kill a lot of fowls. A governor’s convoy will be attacked by bandits. A governor will escape an assassination attack.

I foresee a major attack in Abuja. Armed bandits will attack churches and will kidnap church leaders and there will be political assassination.”

On Covid-19,

“In 2021, I foresee that Coronavirus is still going to affect so many people in Africa and the European nations despite the vaccine. The vaccine will work effectively and there will be more vaccines that will curb the infection. Coronavirus will spread more at the later part of the year, but it will start subsiding from the month of August.”

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