Kim Kardashian West, distraught over the execution of the death row inmate she tried to save (photos)

TV reality star Kim Kardashian West, is emotionally distraught over the execution of an Alabama death row inmate, she made frantic efforts to save.

The 39- year old mother of four and business tycoon is studying to be a lawyer just like her late father, Robert Kardashian.

Kim has been seriously advocating for criminal justice reform, and had made efforts by campaigning and soliciting for support in a bid to save the life of the death row inmate, Nathaniel woods.

The 44- year old death row convict was sentenced in 2005, for his role in the brutal shooting of three police officers in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kim had been appealing to officials to stop the execution, because the death row inmate’s co- defendant, Henry Spenser had admitted he pulled the trigger and also denied Nathaniel woods involvement .

Kim’s attempt to save him from being executed ended in futility.

Just before the execution, she expressed her opinion on Twitter, claiming an innocent man was go to die. She said Nathaniel was going to die for a crime another man committed and confessed to.

She said her heart and prayers are with Nathaniel’s family and all the advocates who worked ceaselessly to save his life.

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