Man Tells Court His Wife Is An Adultress, Files For Divorce

On Monday 2nd of March 2020 an Igando Customary Court in Lagos dissolved a 24-year-old marriage between a 47-year-old pastor, Gbenga Aina, and his estranged wife, Damilola, over allegation of adultery.

According to the president of the court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, it appeared the couple were tired of the marriage.

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He also said that all efforts to reconcile them have failed.

“Since both parties have consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice but to dissolve it,” Koledoye said.

“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Mr Gbenga Aina and Mrs Damilola Aina dissolved today. Both of you, henceforth, cease to be husband and wife.”

Koledoye said that Gbenga, the petitioner, should  be responsible for the feeding, education and general welfare of the three children produced by the marriage

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The petitioner told the court that his wife was promiscuous.

“My wife is having extramarital affairs with a man called Shola,” he said. “Shola sometimes called to inform me that my wife was finally his and that I should forget about her.

“When I investigated the matter, I discovered that he and my wife were attending  the same church and had been lovers for a long time.

“Please,” he prayed the court, “dissolve our marriage; I don’t love her again, I have married another wife,” he said.

Damilola accused her husband of sending her out of his house.

“Gbenga sent me out of his house. He threatened to deal with me if I should come back and for that reason I never went back,” she said.

“I’m not having any extramarital affairs with Shola as claimed. I’m only close to him so that he can help in facilitating my plans to travel out of the country being a travel agent.

“I never enjoyed the marriage since inception; it has been fighting galore.”

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