Man who left his home to settle a fight at a beer parlour stabbed to death in Lagos (video)

A middle-aged man known as Ifeanyi, has lost his life after he was stabbed to death during a fight he went to settle at a beer parlour in Alausa, Lagos state on Thursday January 23rd.

An eyewitness revealed that a young man went into a beer parlour in the area to cool off in the evening. He attempted to smoke a substance locally called ”Jedi” but his attempt was however turned down by the beer parlour owner. This led to an argument between both men which soon degenerated into a fight. LIB reports.

Ifeanyi who resides in the neighborhood left his house and came out to separate the fight between the men. The man who wanted to smoke the substance however left the beer parlour and this allegedly angered the owner of the beer parlour who felt Ifeanyi’s intervention caused the man to speak to him rudely in his own office.

The beer parlour owner reportedly stabbed Ifeanyi in the neck, stomach and chest and he died on the spot.

Police officers from the Alausa Police station were quickly alerted and Ifeanyi’s killer was arrested.

Watch a video from the scene below…

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