“Marriage is scam, everyone I know is divorced” – Kemi Olunloyo insists

Popular Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has insisted that marriage is a mere scam while advising youths against matrimony.

Kemi said this during an exchange with a Twitter user. The user @Dejiade9 argued that marriage is not a scam in response to her previous tweet which read, “I love being single. #marriageisascam Ask FFK.”

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While quoting Kemi, @Dejiade9 tweeted;

“Stop misleading the younger generation. Marriage is not a scam. If it doesnt work for you does not mean its a scam. A 56 years old woman should be able to set a good example to the younger generation. #MARRIAGEISNOTSCAM” – @Dejiade9 tweeted.

Kemi Olunloyo however insisted that the virtue of marriage is over-hyped and excessive glorified while adding that it mostly ends in divorce.

“I’ve never been married and no younger generation should marry. It’s a scam young ppl. Everybody I know is divorced. Marriage is shit. Your husband will destroy your life. Deji is an abuser FYI” she wrote.

The 56-year-old mom of two who has never been married blamed domestic violence for her decision.

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In an Instagram post she shared 2 years ago after opening up on a shooting incident between her and her then-fiancé, Kemi wrote;

“One of the reasons I remain single to this day is #domesticviolence. Do u know I once SHOT my fiance in the head while defending myself in an abusive situation at 8 mos pregnant?”

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