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New footage of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter circling ‘aggressively’ overhead before deadly crash surfaces online

New footage of NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s helicopter circling ‘aggressively’ overhead before it crashed to the ground has emerges online. 

An eyewitness who captured the shocking moment took to his Twitter page to share the video of when the helicopter was circling over Glendale, California, just 30 minutes before the Sikorsky S-76 crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, northwest of Los Angeles on Sunday January 26, 2020.

‘I try and video /photograph all the weird stuff happening above my house in Glendale,CA. Unfortunately this morning I didn’t realize I was filming the helicopter Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others were in 31 minutes before they crashed . RIP,’ a Twitter user with the handle @theironlydreams wrote. 

The Twitter user also tweeted claiming that the pilot was performing a very ”aggressive circling maneuver,” that was why he went outside to film the helicopter because the sound was so loud. He added that he ‘observed 1 or 2 circles’ before filming.

Today Show reported that the man’s house has been verified and confirmed it being under the flight path of the Sikorsky S-76B chopper.

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