Nigerian doctor says men secretly bribe doctors to stitch their wives’ vaginas a little tighter after childbirth

A Nigerian doctor has taken to his Twitter page to claim that some men bribe doctors to stitch their wives vaginas a little tighter after childbirth for their own selfish interest.

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He tweeted:

“P.S.A. Dear men; Please stop calling the doctor for a one-a-side to beg or offer to bribe him to stitch up your wife’s vajayjay a lirru tighter after delivery so it can be tight enough for you to enjoy sex again. Issa scum behaviour plis. Signed: management.”

Another doctor, named Henry Njeakor reacted saying;

“I dont even uh understand this. Just portrays so much selfishness. Men can really be scum. Wife is in pains of episiotomy but na mekwe dey ur mind. Amadioha knock ur head there…..Esp the ok mes that wont completely pay the hosp bills oooo.Scummanders!!”

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