“No condition is permanent” – Former hotel security guard reveals money he now earns in a month can pay monthly salaries of 5 of the staff that used to insult him

A Nigerian man identified as Amaba Fred, who used to work as a hotel security guard has taken to social media to narrate how some of the employees used to insult him because of his lowly position.

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According to him, most of the employees looked down on him but he did not let their attitude bother him as he was using the job as a stepping stone. 

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His post read…

“I once worked as a security guard in a hotel but we were seen as shit by most of the employees.  Little did they know that I was using the job as a stepping stone. Yes,  I lowered myself below them. 

Some even threw insults to my face like ‘why cant you get a better job? How much can you give your wife for food? Will your children be well educated by this job? I hatebeing a security guard…”

But today, the money I earn in a month can pay the monthly salaries of 5 or more of those who insulted me. No condition is permanent.” 

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