Oma Nnadi shares photos of the disgusting substances she found inside the baby yoghurt she bought to feed her child

Nollyood actress Oma Nnadi has tender a strong warning to parents and also calling on NAFDAC to do their job after she was shocked to find strange particles floating on a yoghurt she bought to feed her baby.

In the photos she shared to her Instagram page, multiple substances of different colours can be seen floating on top of the yoghurt she was about feeding her child.

Sharing the photos, Oma wrote:

“So I didn’t bother buying baby yogurt from the states since we have them in my dear country . This is what I saw today when I opened one to feed my girl, this is what I found. even with the fact it’s not expired ooooo. waohh dear Nigeria. @nafdac_ng Do your jobs before kids eat poison in this country please .. imagine a good looking of this yogurt, fed to your child , what it will develope to in her system. pathetic. please share and continue to tag nafdac for the safety of our children in this country.”

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