Pastor Infects 46 members with corona virus in South Korea

The South Korean government has closed down the River of Grace Community Church in Gyeonggi Province, south of Seoul after the leader allegedly infected members with corona virus when he sprayed salt water into their mouths.

Church pastor infects members with Virus
pastor infects members with Corona Virus

Based on local reports, they were infected after an official failed to wipe a saltwater spray bottle they sprayed inside their mouths as they thought it would help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Surveillance video from the church shows a church official sticking the spray bottle deep into the mouth of one member after another, during a prayer gathering attended by ‘100 members’ on March 1 and March 8.

The church’s pastor, identified as Kim, has apologized for the mass infection of his church members.

He said :

‘I feel deeply sorry about what has happened. I will take all the blame and responsibility,’ Kim told Yonhap News Agency, indicating his intention to retire after the ongoing crisis is over. ‘

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