Please save me, I don’t want to die – Nigerian lady sold into slavery in Lebanon cries out for help (video)

A Nigerian lady identified as Omolola Ajayi, has taken to social media to cry out for help in a viral video after allegedly being sold into slavery in Lebanon. 

According to Omolola, her parents are Mr. Kehinde Ajayi and Mrs. Felicia Ajayi who live at Offa Garage at Under Bridge in Ilorin, Kwara State. She alleged been mislead by a family friend who perpetrated the sad act against her. 

In the video, Omolola revealed that she thought she was coming to Lebanon to teach English Language but found out she was lied to upon arriving the country. According to her, some of those who also fell victim to the same lie have already died as they are not taken to the hospital when they fall sick by their “masters” who seized their passports upon arriving the country.

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Omolola also disclosed that her ‘master’ who have refused to let her go because she’s been paid for, now wants to rape her. 

In the viral video, Omolola said; 

 “A family friend introduced me to the Lebanese that brought me here to teach their children English language. It turned out to be a lie. When I got here, they collected my passport and kept it. I asked why they did that, I was told that I had been sold as a slave. What I’m facing here is not a small thing. I hope I don’t die. If we’re sick, they wouldn’t take us to hospital and they only give us analgesic. Half of the people we came to Lebanon together with have died.

“The person I’m with now wants to rape me, but I didn’t agree. I’m struggling with him. He has collected my phone. He said that he wouldn’t return it until I accept his sexual advances. If he is sleeping or has gone out, I take the phone.

“I told my boss that I wanted to be returned to Nigeria, he replied that he has paid for me; that dead or alive, he owns me. I have a three-year-old baby in Nigeria. Feminique Life Support, please help me, have mercy on me! I want to take care of my daughter. Please don’t let my death make my parents cry.

“The other girl I worked with has travelled so he could come at me again. Please help me, don’t allow them to kill me in this country. I don’t even have a room to sleep. I sleep on the floor, in the parlour, in this cold weather. I’m not even given a cloth to cover; I wear rags. Please help me because as this man tried to rape me, I pushed him away, so I am scared of him dying by my hands because they’ll kill me too.

“My child doesn’t know me and I am suffering too much. The work I came here to do is different from what they are using me for here, and as I speak, I’m even ill and the only drug I had been given was analgesic.”

Watch the video below.

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