Police confirm the death of Nigerian footballer Tiyamu Kazeem, orders arrest of officer involved in his demise

The Ogun State Police Command has released a statement confirming the death of young Nigerian footballer, Tiyamiyu ‘Kaka’ Kazeem, who was killed by an officer from the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) on Saturday afternoon February 22nd.

Kazeem, who was the assistant captain and defender of Remo Stars FC was said to be on his way to Sagamu from Abeokuta with one of his teammates when they came across SARS officers who labelled Kazeem as an Internet Fraudster popularly known as Yahoo boy, even though he presented his identity card to identify himself as a player of Remo Stars Football Club.

In a statement released by his club, the SARS officers insisted on taking them to a nearby police station.  While on their way, one of the officers pushed Tiyamiyu to an incoming vehicle, leading to his death, if you missed the report, you can read here.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Ogun state police command Public Relations Officer, provided a contradicting statement, stating that Kazeem was knocked down by a moving vehicle while trying to escape from Police. 

He also said Kazeem’s arrest was ordered after he was suspected to be wearing a military outfit.

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The public Relations Officer went on to revealed that, the State’s commissioner of police has ordered the immediate arrest of the officer involved in the footballer’s death. 

Read the full statement below. 

“A Police Inspector attached to Zonal Intervention Squad Obada-Oko in Abeokuta said to have received information about the deceased that he always put on military apparel knowing fully well that he is not a military personnel. 

“Based on the information, the Inspector went to Shagamu and saw the deceased putting on a military cap consequent upon which he got him arrested.

“On the way to Abeokuta, the vehicle they were traveling with developed a mechanical fault and while the officer was trying to rectify the fault, the arrested person jumped down from the vehicle to escape. 

“In his bid to run across the road, an oncoming vehicle which is on high speed knocked him down and he died on the spot.”

“Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Police Command, has ordered the immediate arrest of the officer for his unprofessional act of leaving an arrested person alone in the vehicle.

“A full-scale investigation into the case has commenced by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.”

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