Primate Elijah Ayodele’s Prophesy on Dethroned Emir actually came to pass. See his previous prophesy

Primate Ayodele in his usual way of releasing prophecy for a new year hosted Journalist in his church on 24th Of December, 2019 to release prophecies of things that will happen in 2020.

Surprisingly, some of Primate Elijah Ayodele’s prophecies for the year has started coming to pass

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His prophecy on the death of a football player and dethronement of Emir Of Kano has just been fulfilled.

While speaking on the dethronement of Emir of Kano, he stated that Nigeria should pray not to lose some traditional ruler and also to pray against dethronement of Emir Of Kano because the government wants to limit his strength

‘’Let us pray not to lose two kings, Emirs, Ezes and of course let’s pray so that no King is dethroned. The government will want to reduce the strength of the Emir. They should pray against running into unexpected crisis. Let us pay against fire outbreak in any of the palace. There will be confrontation between the government and the traditional ruler’’

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