Shocking! Brother rapes sister to death after taking a sex enhancing drug ( photo)

A Facebook user has shared a disturbing story of a young lady identified as Chigozirim Alum, from Ezza South L.G.A of Ebonyi State, who was drugged and raped to death by her brother.

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She revealed that the victim died after being drugged by her elder brother identified as Larry, who took a sex enhancing drug, laced her drink with a substance called Rophypnol and raped her to death.

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Results on the test conducted on the victim, revealed she was raped severally and traces of Rophypnol, a drug used to make someone unconscious and also suffer brief memory loss was found in her blood.

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Rophypnol is a drug mostly used by rapist, the drug dissolves easily into drinks leaving no taste or colour, there by making it difficult for the victim to suspect foul play.

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Her corpse has been deposited at the morgue and her brother has been arrested by the police.

The Facebook user warned girls in general to be careful of who they accept drinks from.

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