Shocking! Daughter poisoned to death by her mother (photo)

Hafusat Ibuloye, a cleaner who works for an Insurance company, killed her teenage daughter and committed suicide just to spite her enstranged husband for abandoning them.

The woman who resides in Idumota, Lagos felt dejected and disgruntled, that her husband had abandoned her and her children, after relocating to the United States of America many years ago.

She was informed that her enstranged husband had returned back to Nigeria for over three months, and she felt dejected and fustrated that he didn’t bother reaching or looking for her.

She bought sniper, a poisonous pesticide, woke her daughter and her two sons up from sleep, to give them a drink she had laced with the poisonous pesticide.

Her two sons who were deeply asleep refused the drink, while Aduke, her 15- year- old daughter who was a hairdressing apprentice took the drink from her, drank it and slept off. She died shortly after.

Hafusat also drank the poison and was found unresponsive by neigbours who rushed her to the hospital where she died.

“Allow your barber’s apprentice to cut your hair, you won’t die” – Man says

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