Shocking! Woman Puts Her Two Daughters Up For Sale Just To Buy Land For Her Sons(photo)

Trizan Mossian, a 23- year old woman from Uganda, paraded her daughters age 4 and 2 for sale in the street of Migori town for Ksh 200,000 each.

She was arrested by the police and revealed to the shock and dismay of the police officers, that she put up her daughters for sale, so she could raise the sum of Ksh400,000 to buy land in Kampala, Uganda where her twin Sons Will build their house later in the future.

She claimed she is a beggar, who depend on money people give her for her upkeep.

She also claimed to send the proceeds she gets from begging to her friend in Kisumu, who is helping her look after her sons.

Eye witness account revealed how she sat in an abandoned stall, hawking her daughters.

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