Snoop Dogg and 50 cent mock Oprah Winfrey after she fell on stage( photo)

Opray Winfrey, the American media mogul, had a rough start during her wellness tour in Los Angeles on Saturday February 29. The billionaire media mogul fell on stage as she was talking about balance.

Oprah was heard saying,

” This is what wellness means to me, wellness to me is all things in balance. And balance doesn’t necessarily mean all things must be equal “.

She fell almost immediately, while an assistant rushed to help pull her up to her feet.

She pulled her heels soon after, and decided to go bare foot , before slipping into a more comfortable foot wear, while the audience supported her by applauding.

Snopp Dogg and 50 cent who have always accused the billionaire media mogul of ” pulling black men down”, mocked her after the fall.

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