Soldier rapes and murders his girlfriend over alleged cheating

Friends of Nigerian lady identified as Jennifer Ugadu are mourning her, while accusing her boyfriend, a soldier, of being reponsible for her death.

According to reports, the soldier, Jay Matol, is said to have suspected Jennifer of cheating so he allegedly raped her, then shot and stabbed her multiple times.

After committing the heinous crime, it is claimed that he placed her dead body on the bed and locked her inside before running away with her phone. He also severed her thumb to use it in unlocking her phone.

He is then said to have logged on to her department’s WhatsApp group to announce that he has murdered her and plans to kill himself too.

“I don kill am… I will kill myself,” a message from Jennifer’s phone posted in her department’s WhatsApp group read.

Jennifer, a model and 200 level student of Niger Delta University (NDU), in Bayelsa State, was found dead in her apartment with multiple stab wounds and bullet wounds on Sunday, July 11, 2021, days after she was killed.

The state of the room showed there was a struggle before she was murdered.

Jennifer and Jay are said to have been dating for five years before the sad incident. Jay’s last Facebook post is a photo of Jennifer. She is also his cover photo.

Friends have gone on Facebook to mourn Jennifer while hoping that justice is served.

Below are chats shared on Jennifer’s department WhatsApp group by her boyfriend.

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