Student shocks Twitter users as he shows the state of his school hostel and how students sleep (photos)

A student took to his twitter handle to share photos showing how students live and sleep in his school hostel and the living condition has shocked Twitter users.

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In the photos shared by Akorede Ayanbisi, students can be seen sleeping on the floor in the middle of the room as all the bunks were occupied.

At least seven bodies are seen lying on flat mattresses on the floor of the small dorm room.

The Twitter user went on to disclosed that the photo was taken in Jaja Hall, University of Lagos, Nigeria. He also stated that the rooms are “dominated by squatters that have no other options because the university doesn’t have enough bed spaces to accommodate students.”

He added that he sleeps on a “slab” because no bed space was allocated to him.

Sharing the photos, he wrote:

“A view of how we live in school hostel, and after all these struggles and suffering to get the degree, the labour market isn’t even assured. E go be.”

He added:

“This is Jaja Hall, University of Lagos. A 6 man room dominated by squatters that have no other options because the university doesn’t have enough bedspaces to accommodate students. And apartments off campus is very expensive, they cost between 300k to 700k per session.

“What if I tell you guys this is my own bedspace, I balloted for bedspace but I didn’t get. I have no option than to sleep on a slab, because the school has limited bedspaces and apartments off campus cost between 400k to 700k per session. Federal uni needs to do better.”

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