Teenage boy hangs himself in woods after relentless bullying by classmates for being gay (photos)

A 16 year old boy, identified as Cameron, from Fareham, near Portsmouth, England have died after hanging himself over incessant bullying at school for coming out as gay.

It was gathered that Cameron who struggled with depression and autism, came out publicly as gay at the age of 12. According to his heartbroken mum, Kerry Warwick, Cameron was bullied by pupils at his school, with other boys even throwing things at him during lunch breaks.

His mental state increased after he failed to get the GCSE grades in mathematics he needed to get into a gaming programming course at college.

His mother said Cameron had started harming himself as a result of the school bullying.

Speaking at the inquest hearing, Cameron’s mum Warwick said:

“They would bully him and isolate him. They would throw things like food at him, trip him up in the corridor, and call him horrible names like ‘autistic f***’

“The bullies would prey on the fact he was gay. He was ostracised, with pupils refusing to sit with him and calling him names.

“By Year 10, he had resigned himself to the bullying.”

Cameron’s death body was discovered in the woods in September 2019, after he failed to turn up to Fareham Academy where he was to study a computer science course.

It was further learnt that Cameron had also experienced a breakdown after ending an online romantic relationship with 18-year-old Christopher Robertson.

Speaking at the inquest hearing, Christopher said:

“I believe Cameron was relentlessly bullied at school by other students for coming out as gay.”

Cameron’s school mate Bill Ashcroft, said to the Sun UK :

“One boy at school told him he was ugly.

“He didn’t keep his mental health a secret, if something was wrong he would always talk to us about it,” he added.

The Coroner Jason Pegg recorded Cameron’s death as a suicide at the Portsmouth Coroner’s Court.

He said:

“Cameron had this background of autism – which resulted in bullying at times. Not only did he take his own life, he intended to do so.”

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