They think I’m not balling because I don’t post designer labels, holiday trips on social media – Rita Dominic

Veteran Nollyhood actress, Rita Dominic has addresses people who thinks she is not balling because she does not post about holiday trips and designer labels on social media.

In a recent post she shared on her Instagram Story, the actress wondered if social media has now become the yardstick to measure wealth.

Rita went on to state that by expecting someone to post materialistic lifestyle on social media before concluding if the person is wealthy, is simply a poverty mentality.

She wrote;

So social media has now become the yardstick to measure wealth ? LOL.

Some people think cos you don’t post certain things like Designer Labels, Holidays, how much you have ETC on yor page means you are not balling ?

Wow!! Poverty Mentality much.

Happiness or in your words balling means different things to different people.

This life isn’t that serious, be happy you are alive and healthy and foremost

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