Twitter users rally round a suicidal Nigerian man after he left a suicide tweet

A man suicidal man took to his Twitter page to hint at taking his life last night and his followers who were worried about his decision and reacted to his tweets, finally succeeded in preventing him from taking his life.

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The man who send out a couple of suicidal tweets that caused everyone to worry, about 11 hours ago wrote;

“This might be my last tweet”

His followers responded by sending him encouraging messages. Those who had his phone number reached out to him while others sent him direct messages on Twitter.

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But the situation only got worse after he shared another tweet later hinting at jumping off the Falomi bridge in Lagos.

“Falomo Bridge, VI… Goodbye,” he tweeted.

However, it appears Nigerians were able to reach out to the police in the area and they succeeded in stopping him.

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The suicidal man took to Twitter this morning to gave an update, revealing he’s in a better place.

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