VIDEO : Watch Nollywood actress as she confesses to being celibate for 9 years after taking blood oath

UK based Nollywood actress, Timmy K MacNicol in a recent interview with Kemi Filani lamented about the things she passed through for years after getting married to a Briton old enough to be her father.

She accused her ex-husband of abusing and forcing her to take blood oath all through the time their marriage lasted.

It should be remembered that the actress and producer got married to a Briton at the age of 19 and filed for divorce on February 6, 2020 to save her life.

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Now depressed and going through divorce, the mother of one also said her ex husband enslaved her in the United Kingdom even when he was in faraway Ghana.

She disclosed that he made her take blood oath so she wont have extra marital affairs.

“No one believes what I am going through, no one believes that emotional abuse is real. It got to a point that I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I felt empty I felt like the whole world has ended, I felt less human. I cant be going through pain like this just in the name of marriage. We were married for seven years.

“When we got married, he forced me to swear blood oath with him that I will never cheat on him or leave him in any circumstances. This is why I will always advise young ladies never to marry elderly men no matter how much money he has. If you get married to him because he will better your life just the same way I did there are things inside that marriage that you cannot handle. It will destroy you gradually, you will have money in your account and you can’t spend it.

Due to his abusive nature, I haven’t had sex for good nine years even though I am married. I went back to being a virgin after giving birth to my son.”

“Every single day, my son would ask me why is it that daddy is not here to take me school. Why is my daddy not here to play with me? This breaks my heart seeing my son in pains. When he goes to the park and sees other of his friends playing with their dad, he feels so bad because he has never experienced such. Don’t get me wrong, my estranged husband loves his children dearly. He would do anything for them. But I wanted more; affection, being in his life and not by buying expensive gifts and toys. My son’s room is filled with expensive toys. That’s is not what my son really wants or needs in his life. He needs his two parents bringing him up equally. Whenever my son, laments I cry bitterly because it reminds me of me. I didn’t grow up with my father or mother. It made me to make so much mistakes in life. I stayed and married this man because I wanted a family. I thought he was a good man. He is a nice man inside but he has ego and rudeness. They cover those nice sides of him.

He denied me family. My son is 9 years old now. I am ought to have like two other children but that’s not happening. I am not Mary that gave birth to Jesus without sex. I have been going through trauma. This marriage has cost me a lot.

Watch video below:

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