What a woman should do when her man cheats – Actress Nazo Okezie (photos)

Nollywood actress Nazo Okezie, has advised women in general on what to do when their men cheats on them.

She said the only reason a woman would resort to stabbing her boyfriend or husband, is because the woman no longer has self love.

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She claimed it is understandable, because marriage could make a woman lose her self and make her forget to put her happiness above any other thing.

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She wondered how a woman will beg and plead with a man to stop cheating and when he refuses, instead of walking away and letting the man go, decides to stab the man to death. Losing her own life in a bid to correct a man.

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She admonished women to walk away from anyone or anything toxic.

She concluded by telling them to love and pamper themselves and make sure their happiness is of Paramount impotance to them.

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