What to do if 5 randy movie producers want to sleep with you – Yul Edochie

Popular Nollyhood actor, Yul Edochie, has advises upcoming actresses on what to do if movie producers want to sleep with them.

Yul had taken to his Twitter handle to make a post thanking God for a successful acting career when a fan brought to him, her ugly experience with randy filmmakers.

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He tweeted,

“God is great!I tell you. Believe in God. Pray. Find your passion, give it 100% focus. Hustle am like say 2moro no dey. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, don’t beef anybody, no take another person own, just dey do your thing. And be good to people. Your time will surely come.”

“I am a living witness. God is awesome,” he added.

A follower reacted to his tweet asking him what she should do to become a movie star as she keeps encountering the wrong set of filmmakers.

“I have a passion for acting since 9 but in Nigeria one can’t just chase his/her passion in the movie industry… All the producers I have mate wanted to go down first, so noow my fear of meeting more producers like that is more than my passion for acting… And no money Acting school, so please don’t give me that as an option… At the end of the day all I have to do is work at somewhere where the passion isn’t…. That’s the life of a sincere Nigerian #yuledochie” the follower tweeted

Yul responded;

do you think the producers have slept with all the actresses who have made it? Of course not. Your dream will never be handed over to you, you have to go out and chase it. Life is tough. If you meet 5 producers and they all want to sleep with you, meet the 6th one. Never give up. Find where movies are made and go there, go to movie locations, beg them to put you in the film. Push for it, you’ll get it. Give up and watch others succeed ” he replied.

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