Woman shames her boyfriend as she narrates how she discovered he is married with kids

A Nigerian lady has taken to her Twitter account to name and shame her boyfriend after she found out he is married with children and lied the woman was his sister.

Twitter user @thesomtee disclosed that she got to know Asaolu Timilehin through a mutual friend in January 2020 and they began chatting frequently. 

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She said he claimed he wanted a serious relationship because he had been badly hurt in the past and didn’t want to pass through that again. He also claimed he was single.

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Somtee said they began dating in February this year but it was long distance because he lives in Ghana.

She planned to go to Ghana in March but the Coronavirus lockdown happened. 

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She eventually visited him in October and said their relationship was going well. Until she started noticing some suspicious texts messages.

When she asked him about it, he lied to her that the woman is his sister with kids who lives with him. She accepted it but later became suspicious again and he later said she is his baby mama and only one of the kids is his. 

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He claimed there is nothing between them and he is just helping her out.

Somtee said she was no longer comfortable at this point so she returned to Nigeria. 

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Back in Nigeria, she discovered that Timilehin is married to the woman and both kids are his. She also found out that he has multiple other women he has deceived in the same way, claiming he is single.

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Timilehin has deactivated his Twitter account following the call out.

Read Somtee’s narration below.

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