“You’re a mistake” Princess Shyngle divorces her husband after few weeks of marriage

Popular Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle took to her Instagram page to allege that her husband, Gibril Bala Gaye, physically abused her as she announces her marriage is over after a few weeks.

The actress came online to make the disclosure after her husband went on Instagram live to tell fans that his wife locked him out of the house after a little disagreement about eight weeks ago and he has not seen her for seven weeks. He added that she’s in New York doing “her thing”.

However, Princess Shyngle said she had no intention to bring her marital woes on social media but since her estranged hubby was already giving the impression she is a bad woman who left her husband for seven weeks, she has to come out with her truth.

In an Instagram live video, the actress told her fans that her marriage has been shaky for over eight weeks. She said her husband was violent and “put hands” on her so she decided to divorce him.

She wrote;

“Youre a fu*king mistake. I’ve divorced your as* so leave me the f*ck alone.”

Recall that just few weeks ago, Princess Shyngle announced she is married to her best friend who she has crushed on since 8th grade and has been best friends with for over ten years. Now, she says she has no idea he was violent.

Audios she shared as ‘proof,’  show someone admitting to laying his hands on her.

Nine weeks ago, on January 30 precisely,  Shyngle announced she is married. Going by her revelation on her Instagram live that the domestic violence incident happened eight weeks ago, leading to their separation and then divorce, it means their marriage lasted only one week or thereabout.

Shyngle also shared a photo of herself and wrote in the caption,

“Having a good time with the true love of my life #myself &$$$$”

Swipe below to listen to the audio and read her posts about her marital woes below.

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